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"Over the last years, the importance of the so-called cultural economy and of the cultural and creative industries has greatly increased. Today, cultural and creative industries are driving factors for economic growth and according to global demand, also stimulated by the new economy. As it is known, the concept refers not only to the domain of culture in the strict sense, but refers also to cultural goods and services as the core of a new, powerful and vast sector that can be broadly referred to cultural areas" (Boccella, 2016). 




About Our Exemplar Cities

A cities cultural and creative DNA can be defined in a variety of different ways. Through industries such as film and video, fashion, music, architecture, and literature, find out which exemplar city uses these aspects as a crucial role in their creative economy. 


The creative and cultural economies throughout the world hold significant meaning to personal identities and community structure. Calgary can improve their creative sectors by implementing the 5 exemplar cities ways of implementation, which will further benefit the city as a whole.

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